low level access platform,

What is low level Access platform?

working height

Low level access platform refers to mobile elevating work platforms that typically have a lift height between 8-20 ft.


Low level access lifts offer a safer alternative to using ladders, steps and interior scaffolding platforms. while eliminating the hassle of carrying tools and supplies up and down a ladder. They can make jobs easier, quicker and more efficient. Low level access machines provide a safe and secure environment for operatives to work at height.


Low-level access equipment include:

Push Around (manual) platforms

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Electric self propelled models

Key features

1. Work environment

Low level access lift can gain access to tighter work areas, increasing efficiency and productivity so your crew can get more done. Fit mechanical & electrical work, HVAC & Ductwork, Drywall Work, Construction Finishing Work, Facilities Maintenance, Painting, Retail Refit & Display.

2. Lightweight

The Low-level access platform weighs significantly less than other types of lifts, allowing workers to enter the green concrete area earlier on the site and work in more areas, This is a huge benefit if you’re going to be working on sensitive flooring, like computer flooring, tile, or hardwood, In addition, due to the problem of transportation costs, you can transport more low-level access platforms at the same transportation cost than large lifts.

3. Compact form factor

The low-level access platform has a smaller overall size, enabling it to pass through standard door frames and internal personnel elevators, make the work area unrestricted, After the low-level access lifts is lowered, the height of the whole machine is low, and there is no need to fold the guide rail every time you pass through the doorway or enter the elevator, which can multiply the work efficiency.

4. Safer

Whether push-and-push (manual) or self-propelled, it can be easily deployed to the work area by 1 person, and the low-level access platform is equipped with a larger work platform than the ladder, and the platform is equipped with a standard guardrail, allowing the staff to carry more tools or materials when working with 1 person. No need to frequently go up and down the platform. Each type of low-level access platform features automatic braking for lifting, and the automatic door closing allows workers to work more safely at high altitudes. Prevent accidental fall injuries.

5. Lower Entry Heights

That a large number of the injuries associated with aerial lifts are from exiting lifts incorrectly. Low-level access platforms all have very low entrances, making it easier for workers to get in and out of the platform The lower platform height, when loading heavy tools and materials into the platform, keeps the arm in the power zone, reducing the risk of injury and associated worker compensation costs.

6. Lifting drive

The powerless lift, offering a more environmentally friendly solution without the need for batteries, hydraulics or oil, is ideal for sensitive flooring, simply pushing into place and turning the handle to lift and lower the platform.

Electric lifting, in order to complete more heavy work, more productive, no need to set, a quantity in place, just lock the castors, press the button to lift and start working.

7. Lifting structure

Low-level access equipment have a variety of lifting structures suitable for different working environments.

All scissor lift structure are also built with wider pins and rigid scissor stacks, which decrease scissor sway and provide a more stable work platform.

The vertical mast lift adopts a heavy-duty sleeve structure, which reduces the volume of the lifting mechanism, has more stable mechanical properties, and provides a stable lifting method.

The small boom type structure makes the low-level access platform simpler, more stable, more flexible in work, and safe and reliable in structure.