What is a low-level access platform


The low-level access lifts are the best solution for indoor high-altitude work because the low-level access equipment has the advantages of compact structure and small size, it can enter the elevator through standard doors, and work easily in the narrower indoor environment. Another biggest advantage is that the whole machine is lighter in weight, which is unmatched by general standard lifting equipment. If you work on sensitive indoor floors, this will be the biggest advantage.


The low-level access lift provides a safer and more reliable working environment for operators when working at high altitudes.
According to the latest statistics from OSHA in the United States and HSE in the United Kingdom, accidents involving falling from heights have occurred in various industries. More than 300 of those falls ended up being fatal! 50% of all ladder-related accidents are caused by individuals carrying items while climbing. In the construction industry, the percentage is even higher.

Low-level access platforms become a safer alternative to ladders, steps, and internal scaffolding for working at heights. There is a big range of equipment to choose from when a ladder or step ladder is not appropriate this includes Non-powered lifts, Small Scissor lift, Tower ower lift, Push Around vertical lift .. and so much more!


Safe working at height training is essential for those who have to work in any area where they may be at risk of a fall from height. The aim of any work at a height training course is to enhance people’s awareness of the issues involved with working at a height.


The safety of aerial workers is very important, and the key to improving the efficiency of aerial work is to ensure the safety of personnel. The various safety functions and convenient control methods provided by the low-level access platform are to improve work efficiency.

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