Push Around Stock Picker Machine – AMPY-45


The push-around picker machine can help the picker to enter the shelves more safely and quickly to complete the picking work. Compared with the ladder on wheels, there is no need to climb up and down frequently, only smaller storage space is required, and it can easily be used between the narrow shelves in the warehouse.

Picker machines are an ideal and safer alternative to warehouse rolling ladders

  • Independent material deck, and equipped with stop bars.
  • Easy-to-operate ascending/descending system reduces work intensity.
  • Smaller size of the whole machine, free to shuttle between narrow shelves.
  • The 300kg load improves work efficiency and reduces personnel fatigue.

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Push Around Stock Picker Machine

Push Around Stock picker is a stock machine for warehousing, supermarkets, retail, and other industries. It can lift people and materials to a picking height of up to 4.5m at the same time. As long as the staff is flush with the material deck and the shelf layer, they can easily Push the goods in or out. It greatly improves the efficiency of picking, ensures the safety of the order picker, and reduces the work intensity.

push around stock picker Machine security features

  • pedal brake.
  • Manual emergency descending valve.
  • Automatic charge.
  • low voltage protection.
  • Automatically closes the platform door.
  • Material stop lever.
  • Different types of batteries can be selected.
  • Voltage, battery display.


Item Personnel Lift
Drive Push-Around
S.W.L 200 kg
Max. Occupants 1
Max.Working Height 6.5 m
Max.Platform Height 4.5 m
Platform Size (L×W) 0.90 m×0.64 m
Overall Length 1.30 m
Overall Width 0.84 m
Overall Height 2.00 m
Ground Clearance 30 mm
Batteries 12V/100Ah
Stowed Height 435 kg
Standards ANSI A92.3-2006, EN280-2001, OSHA
Manufacturers Warranty Length 1 yr


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Additional information

Weight360 kg

2.7 m, 3.3m, 4.0 m, 4.5 m



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