Push Around Scissor Lift – SJY20


  • Maximum Working Height: 4.0 m
  • Maximum Platform Height: 2.0 m
  • Safe Working Load: 250 kg


With a working height of 4 meters, the Push Around Scissor Lift is ideal for low-altitude work and work in tight spaces, and is very easy to handle and operate.

  • Suitable for low-altitude work: Due to its maximum working height of 4 meters, it is very suitable for low-altitude work, such as indoor cleaning, repair, decoration, etc.
  • Small and lightweight: The push around scissor lift- SJY20 is generally smaller and lighter, making it easy to operate in tighter spaces.
  • Easy to handle: Due to its compact and lightweight size, the Push Around Scissor Lift-SJY20 is also relatively easy to carry and can be easily moved to where the work is needed.
  • Increased productivity: With Push Around Scissor Lift, workers don’t need to use ladders to work at height, making them safer and more efficient.

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Push Around Scissor Lift Feature

The whole machine is equipped with multiple safety protection functions, allowing operators to easily and efficiently solve the problem of working at heights.

  • Bubble spirit level.
  • Non-marking tires.
  • Automatic charging.
  • Deep cycle battery.
  • Low voltage protection.
  • Emergency descent manual valve.
  • Raise the automatic brake.
  • Sound and light alarm prompt during lifting and lowering.




Mode SJY20
Max.Working Height 4.0 m
Max.Platform Height 2.0 m
Overall Length 1.15 m
Overall Width 0.70 m
Overall Height(Rails Up) 1.71 m
Overall Height(Rails Down) 1.21 m
Platform Size (L×W) 1.05 m × 0.60 m
Platform Extension Size /
Ground Clearance(Stowed/Raised) 0.06 m
Wheelbase 0.9 m
Turning Radius(Inside/Outside) /
Tyres φ200×50 mm
S.W.L 250 kg / 550 lb
Max. Occupants 1
Max. Working Slope
Up/Down Speed 36 / 25 sec
Machine Weight 370 kg
Hydraulic Tank 3L/ 8Pt
Battery(Lead-acid Battery) 12 V / 85 Ah
Charger 12 V / 15 A
Lifting Motor 12V / 0.8 Kw
Standards ANSI A92.3-2006, EN280-2001, OSHA
Manufacturers Warranty Length 1 yr


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