Push Around Mast Lift – PVM30


Single Person Push around vertical Mast Lift

As a single man lift, the push around mast lift has the lowest platform entrance, compact structure, and small volume, which provides an ideal solution for safe work at indoor heights. The whole machine is light in weight and can be adapted to work on sensitive floors. Easy to operate, safe, and stable, it is the perfect substitute for ladders and scaffolding.

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Standard Features:


  • Automatic closing platform double doors
  • Separate tool storage tray
  • Power display
  • Combined safety enable selector switch
  • Lanyard attach points
  • Aluminum alloy non-slip workbench


Power & Transmission:

  • 12V 80 A/hr deep cycle batteries
  • 15 Amp automatic battery charger


Functional Equipment & Accessories:

  • Automatic double-wheel braking system when the platform is raised
  • Battery condition indicator
  • Platform and ground configuration independent control station
  • Manual descent
  • Non-marking tyres
  • Raise/lower the whole process alarm


Product parameter

Model PVM30
Working Height 5.0 m
Platform Height - Elevated 3.0 m
Platform Height - Lowered 0.36 m
Stowed Height 1.86 m
Platform Size (W x L) 0.75 m x 0.96 m
Overall Length 1.25 m
Overall Width 0.76 m
Ground Clearance 0.60 m
Tyres Φ 200 × 50mm
Platform Capacity 200 kg
Max.Occupants(Inside/Outside) 1
Up/Down Speed 20-25 sec
Weight 365 kg
Battery 12 V / 80 Ah
Integrated Charger 15 Amp
Lifting Motor 0.8 KW



  • 1 year free guarantee
  • Standards: ANSI A92.3-2006, EN280-2001, OSHA

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