Non-Powered Lift NPA-35


The unpowered lift is the most environmentally friendly lifting equipment among indoor personnel lifts. It has no oil, no hydraulic system, and there is no need to worry about leakage. It is especially suitable for the high-demand indoor working environment. It is almost maintenance-free, easy to operate, and can work continuously without interruption.

  • Non-marking tire
  • Raise the automatic brake
  • No leakage, more environmentally friendly
  • Safe and efficient

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Non-Powered Lift Features

The unpowered manned lift has the advantages of light weight, large platform working space, and working height of up to 3.5m. Especially suitable for interior decoration, electrical maintenance, plumbing installation, etc. Especially suitable for working environments that are particularly sensitive to floors.

  • No noise when hoisting.
  • Emergency descent handle.
  • Automatic Brake Protection.
  • Automatic door closing.
  • Comply with ANSI, and OSHA standard requirements.


Item Personnel Lift Casters Yes
Drive Push-Around Caster Dia. 5 in
Power Source Manual Drive Wheel No
Load Capacity 150 kg / 330 lb Max. Speed Elevated 0.6 mph
Platform Height 1.5 m Max. Speed Lowered 0.6 mph
Max. Work Height 3.5 m Tire Size 8 in
Outrigger Footprint L No Outriggers Ground Clearance 60 mm
Outrigger Footprint W No Outriggers Mast Steel
Overall Length 1.05 m Batteries Included No
Overall Width 0.71 m Gross Vehicle Weight 185 kg
Platform Depth 0.75 m × 0.54 m Standards ANSI A92.3-2006, EN280-2001, OSHA, EN280
Max. Platform Height 1.5 m
Handrail Height 1.1 m Manufacturers Warranty Length 1 yr
Stowed Height 1.55 m


Additional information

Weight160 kg


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