Hydraulic Lift Table – HD10

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CQLift single scissor lifts are available in a variety of models to suit most applications such as pallet handling, parts assembly and ergonomic work positioning. The standard product range has travel ranges from 785mm to 1150mm and lift capacities up to 4000kg. We offer many options and accessories to expand the versatility of your lift table – controls, portability kits, organ covers, rotating decks and more.

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Uniform Static Capacity (kg.):  1000

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Product Description (mm)
Platform Size: 1300×820, Min. Height: 205, Max. Height: 1000, Base Size: 1220×680
Min: 1
Step: 1
Platform Size: 1600×1000, Min. Height: 205, Max. Height: 1000, Base Size: 1220×800
Min: 1
Step: 1
Platform Size: 1700×1000, Min. Height: 230, Max. Height: 1300, Base Size: 1600×800
Min: 1
Step: 1
Platform Size: 1700×1500, Min. Height: 230, Max. Height: 1300, Base Size: 1600×800
Min: 1
Step: 1
Platform Size: 1700× 1850, Min. Height: 230, Max. Height: 1300, Base Size: 1600×1500
Min: 1
Step: 1
Platform Size: 2000×850, Min. Height: 230, Max. Height: 1300, Base Size: 1795×680
Min: 1
Step: 1
Platform Size: 2000×1000, Min. Height: 230, Max. Height: 1300, Base Size: 1795×800
Min: 1
Step: 1
Platform Size: 2000×1700, Min. Height: 230, Max. Height: 1300, Base Size: 1795×1500
Min: 1
Step: 1


  • Voltage/Phase: 460/3
  • Hertz: 60
  • Hydraulic Component Rating (psi): 3000
  • Cord Length (in.): 96
  • Push Button Hand Control: 24V AC
  • Rise/Fall Time (sec) : 20-25

Durability and Quality

  • Multiple models and standard options can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.
  • The scissor arm is made of steel plate to provide overall stability.
  • Reinforced cargo deck minimizes platform deflection, maximizes load stability, and extends platform deck life.
  • The standard hydraulic power unit and the factory-connected control system allow users to use it safely only by connecting to the power supply.
  • Extremely low lowered height allows for greater loading and unloading flexibility and increases overall ergonomic reach.

Maintenance and Warranty

  • CQLift offers a 2-year warranty on all components to guarantee you have purchased a reliable lift.
  • Configuring maintenance devices enables maintenance personnel to be safe and efficient during inspections and routine maintenance.
  • Maintenance-free bearings at pivot points do not require lubrication.
  • Efficient and easy to maintain hydraulic power unit.
  • Double braided hydraulic hose resists scuffs, scuffs and leaks.
  • High-strength rollers are easy to replace, minimizing downtime.

Safety performance

  • The minimum structural safety factor of 1.5 times makes our lifting platform a safe and efficient work guarantee for users.
  • The flow control valve regulates the flow of fluid to control the speed of lift as it descends.
  • Conforms to recognized standards:
  • ANSI MH29.1 – Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissors Lifts.
  • EU EN1570 – Safety requirements for industrial scissor lifts. ASTM – A36 – Standard for Structural Steel ANSI Z535 – Safety Labeling Requirements AWS D.1 – Welding Standard

Custom Options

Customize your lift & lift platform
Specific platform sizes, logical configurations, different movements, high frequency or automation – when you need a lift to perform a specific function, we have the materials, accessories and unique design techniques to provide a one-of-a-kind solution for your application requirements lifting platform solutions.

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Platform Size

1300×820, 1600×1000, 1700× 1850, 1700×1000, 2000×850, 2000×1000, 1700×1500, 2000×1700

Min. Height

205, 230

Max. Height

1000, 1300

Base Size

1220×680, 1220×800, 1600×680, 1600×800, 1795×680, 1795×800, 1795×1500, 1600×1500

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    I’m intrigued by your discussion on The Best Dump Trailers different types of
    trailers available, particularly equipment trailers. Could you elaborate on the maintenance requirements for these trailers?

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