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Don't Let Height Limit Your Productivity - Choose Our Push Around Scissor Lifts!

Push Around Scissor Lift: The Ultimate Low-Level Access Solution

If you’re looking for a versatile and portable low-level access lift, look no further than the push around scissor lift. This personal lift is perfect for indoor use and designed to be operated by a single person, making it ideal for small or tight spaces.

Also known as a manlift or personnel lift, the push around scissor lift is a type of portable scissor lift that can be easily moved from one location to another. With its compact design, it’s perfect for use in areas where traditional aerial work platforms cannot access.

One of the biggest advantages of a push around scissor lift is its ability to provide low-level access. This makes it the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, including maintenance, construction, and industrial work. Whether you’re working on a production line or repairing a high ceiling, a push around scissor lift provides you with the necessary height and mobility to get the job done.

Key Features of Push Around Scissor Lift

  • Compact and portable design for easy maneuverability
  • Simple controls for easy operation
  • Electric, battery, or hydraulic power source options
  • More security features, such as safety harnesses, guardrails, and emergency stop buttons, Lifting automatic braking function.

Types of Push Around Scissor Lift

SJY20 - One-Man Operation, Maximum Productivity!

Maximum Working Height: 4 m
Maximum Platform Load: 240 kg

Push scissor lift SJY20 is ideal for low-altitude work and confined spaces, and is very easy to carry and operate, making it a perfect alternative to using ladders in home or indoor places.

The perfect replacement for push around mini scissor lift ladders
A single man lift for low-level access.

SJY25 - Reach New Heights with Push Around Scissor Lifts!

Maximum Working Height: 4.5 m
Maximum Platform Load: 240 kg

Choosing a Push Around Scissor Lift SJY25 can improve work efficiency and safety, while being easy to move and adapt to diverse site needs.

SJY03 - From Indoor to Outdoor Jobs, Our Push Around Scissor Lifts Have You Covered!

Maximum Working Height: 5.1 m
Maximum Platform Load: 240 kg

Push scissor lift SJY03 is suitable for indoor and outdoor medium height work, such as some decoration works, maintenance, installation or commissioning of equipment or facilities that require high height.

push around scissor lift, mini scissor lift, small scissors lift
A single operator push around lift

SJY39 - Don't Let Height Limit Your Productivity - Choose Our Push Around Scissor Lift !

Maximum Working Height: 5.9 m
Maximum Platform Load: 230 kg
Choosing the Right Push Around Scissor Lift

When choosing a push around scissor lift, it is essential to consider factors such as:

  • The maximum height needed for the job.
  • The weight capacity required.
  • The power source that best fits the job requirements.
  • The type of work being performed and the level of mobility required.
  • The safety features that are necessary for the job.

In conclusion, a push around scissor lift is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective option for low-level access work. It is easy to maneuver, portable, and can be operated by a single person, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of indoor applications. When choosing a push around scissor lift, it is essential to consider the height needed, weight capacity, power source, and safety features necessary for the job.

When using push scissor lift, you need to pay attention to the following safety precautions:
  • Before operation, it is necessary to check whether the equipment is in good condition, including the electrical system, hydraulic system and mechanical system.

  • The operator must also be familiar with the instruction manual and operating manual of the equipment.

  • During operation, the driver should remain vigilant, especially paying attention to the surrounding environment and other personnel to avoid accidents.

  • When the equipment is raised or lowered, the regulations in the operation manual should be strictly followed to ensure smooth and safe operation.

  • The use of the device under the influence of smoking, drinking, drugs or other psychostimulant substances on the platform during operation is not permitted.

  • During use, the driver needs to wear the seat belt correctly and equip the device with other necessary safety equipment.

  • The use of the device in high-risk weather conditions such as high wind, rain and snow is not permitted.

  • During the use of the equipment, it shall not be overloaded or exceed the carrying capacity of the equipment to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

  • Before use, it is necessary to confirm whether there is enough space and level ground around the equipment to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has set some requirements for the use of push-scissor lifts to ensure worker safety.

  • Operators must be trained: Operators must be trained on safe operation and hold the appropriate certificates or licenses.
  • Loading capacity limit: The loading limit on the platform must be observed, and the maximum load capacity specified by the manufacturer cannot be exceeded.
  • Use of seat belts: Workers must wear seat belts to prevent falling off the platform.
  • Smooth end: It is necessary to ensure that the platform is used on a smooth ground and avoid slopes and uneven ground.
  • Avoid touching wires: Touching wires or other hanging objects must be avoided to prevent electric shock or accidents.
  • Pre-inspection: The vehicle must be inspected to ensure that all safety equipment is working properly.
  • The purpose of these requirements is to ensure that workers can complete their work safely when using push scissor lifts.
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