Mini Scissor Lift

What is a Mini Scissor Lift?

Mini scissor lifts are designed for cope with the narrow and crowded working environment indoors so that personnel can safely and efficiently complete the complex indoor work at height. Has the smallest form factor, the ability to maneuver flexibly in even tighter areas, and a personnel lift that utilizes multi-stage scissors as a means of lifting.

Smallest Scissor Lift Appearance Dimensions

Model Overall Width Overall Length Overall Height Max. Working Height Max. Platform Height
Rails Up Rails Down
SC03M 0.76 m 1.20 m 1.70 m 1.42 m 5.0 m 3.0 m
SC39M 1.80 m 1.52 m 5.9 m 3.9 m

The mini scissor lift is the smallest size in the scissor lift, only 0.76 meters of the whole machine width, so that it may pass through the standard doorway, with the unique dual motor drive electronic differential steering function to achieve zero turning radius, in the Indoor is very narrow aisle flexible maneuvering, The length of the mini electric scissor lift is only 1.2m so that it can enter the passenger elevator and freely shuttle on different floors, making daily maintenance work convenient and efficient.

Small Electric Scissor Lift Capacity & Weight

Capacity:  550 lb (250 kg) = (1 person plus tools)

Weight:  (plftfrom height 3.0 m)  650 kg       (platform height 3.9 m)  920 kg

As the small scissor lift for 1 person only, the platform size with a width of 0.66 m × a length of 1.2 m also has the function of expansion, and the platform expands by 0.6 m on the basis of the standard size, which not only makes the working range more extensive, but also perfectly avoids low blockages. Small scissor Lifts have a non-slip work surface, a height of 1.1 meters safety guardrail, and 0.15 meters of toe plate in line with the latest safety standards, protecting personnel to work safely, and optional foldable guardrails make the storage space of the closed smaller storage space for small scissor lifts.

Compared with the standard scissor lift, its whole machine is relatively light in weight, equipped with non-marking tires, and can be adapted to work on the sensitive floor of the room, due to its special electronic steering function, as well as the least hydraulic leakage point of the whole machine, can be operated on the indoor carpet, it will not cause damage and pollution to the carpet.

Stability of Mini Scissor Lift

Small scissor lift as a kind of personnel lift, whether it is stable during use is a very concerning problem for all users, so when sold to different countries, first of all, it must comply with the buyer country’s Laws and regulations on the safety of personnel lifts.

The United States ANSI, OSHA, and the European Union EN280 and related standards for the stability of the personnel lift list detailed policy provisions, manufacturers must be by the above terms, from the beginning of the design, and the entire personnel lift manufacturing process to the final product inspection qualified, must be strictly by the specific rules of the regulations, Manufacturers must perform pre-factory safety testing on each person lift leaving the factory and retain these documents.

Although the laws and regulations of each country have very strict regulations on personnel lifts. However, unexpected safety accidents will occasionally occur during use, and the following 2 points should be followed to avoid accidents:

  • When purchasing personnel lift equipment, select personnel lift equipment that meets the requirements of laws and regulations;
  • All personnel lifts must be trained in the user before use and prevent unauthorized use of personnel lifting equipment;

Qualified small electric scissor lifts meet safety standards and are equipped with a variety of safety protection functions:

  • Sound and light warning throughout the process when the platform rises and falls;

  • Electronic sensor, real-time monitoring of the working environment of the whole machine exceeds the safety range of overturning; The system automatically stops the lifting, unless it is within a safe range;

  • The automatic platform closes the door to prevent accidental drops by personnel.

  • Optional platform overload sensor.

  • Emergency descending manual valve that manually lowers the platform in the event of an accident.

  • Triple emergency stop switch, which can shut down the whole power system in the shortest possible time;

  • The platform configuration operator’s manual helps operators deal with system failures at any time.

  • Eye-catching safety warning labels can be seen everywhere to remind operators to pay attention to safety matters;


mini scissor lift, small scissor lift, indoor scissor lift
mini scissor lift, small scissor lift, indoor scissor lift

Mini Scissor Lift SC03M, SC39M

The mini scissor lift is a kind of low-level access platform, the mini scissor lift is compact in overall structure, small in size, and easy to drive. It is a perfect substitute for traditional ladders, steps, and scaffolding. It is ideal lift equipment for high-altitude operations in narrow indoor spaces.

Sc03M series is a single-person lift that can be drivable, its way of moving adopts dual motor drive, electronic steering, flexible maneuvering in the room, easy to operate and can be used by more personnel, more accident prevention protection functions, making the working process of the mini scissor Lift stable and safe.

Small size, equipped with non-marking tires, for single man only, drivable, easy to operate, simple maintenance, high safety performance, convenient storage, these advantages, as a home lift, is the most ideal choice.

Usually suitable for indoor wires, plumbing, air conditioning, interior decoration, retail renovation, home general maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Max. Load : 250 Kg

Platform Height : 3.0 m, 3.9m

  • mini scissor lift, small scissor lift, indoor scissor lift


The CQLift mini scissor lifts offer all the prerequisites for safe operation throughout the working day.

  • The ergonomic drive handle provides intuitive and precise operation of the vehicle with multiple speeds & two working modes to choose from, one person and one-handed operation can easily complete indoor maintenance work.

  • A stable heavy-duty steel scissor lift structure ensures maximum raised platform safety even in high-frequency operating conditions.

  • The control system fault code display makes the troubleshooting of mini scissor lifts simply..


The mini scissor lift is not only extremely efficient for Working at heights but also proves its worth as an industrial rolling ladder or operating platform.

  • In a clean indoor environment, hydraulic leakage will pollute the room, which will increase the cleaning time and increase the cost, while the CQLift mini scissor lift is driven by dual motors, hydraulic lifting and lowering, and the minimum hydraulic connection points, greatly reducing the risk of contamination of the clean room during work. Thereby more cost savings.
  • Car charger, suitable for charging from any standard 230V socket, easy to drive, foldable rail, small storage space, the whole machine is equipped with low voltage protection function, provides a strong guarantee for the daily maintenance and decoration of the home, is the ideal household mini scissors lift.


The performance of the CQLift mini scissor lift also deserves special mention.

  • Proportional drive.
  • Automatic Five-hour battery charger.
  • Battery discharge indicators platform and base.
  • Optional with Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Forklift pockets.
  • Drivable at full heights.

Mini Scissor Lift

S.W.L 250 kg
Max. Occupants 1
Max.Working Height 5.0 m 5.9 m
Max.Platform Height 3.0 m 3.9 m
Platform Size (L×W) 1.2 m × 0.66 m 1.2 m × 0.66 m
Overall Length 1.30 m 1.30 m
Overall Width 0.76 m 0.76 m
Overall height (Rails Up) 1.72 m 1.8 m
Overall height (Rails Down) 1.42 m 1.52 m
Platform Extension Size 0.55 m 0.55 m
Machine weight 650 kg 920 kg

CQLift specializes in producing a variety of aerial work platforms, small boom lifts, small scissor lifts, vertical lifting platforms, etc., And a variety of material handling products equipment that can replace rolling ladders, such as power stocker lift series, order picker machine series, scissor lift table, etc.